Portrait of the Photographer

Facing Toronto is a collection of randomly photographed Toronto people: anyone who said yes when I asked to take their photo on the spot. Most of the people I ask do say yes, in fact.


I started taking pictures of strangers several years ago. I’ve always found people inherently interesting, I like to shoot and I like to record the city around me. I use Nikon D750 and D7000 Digital SLR cameras and several lenses: 35mm, 50mm and 85mm primes and a 70-200mm zoom.


When I’m not roving about the city taking street portraits, I photograph the sport of roller derby as one of the Toronto Roller Derby League's official photographers. For the past three years I've done the trading card photos for Toronto Roller Derby's officials and announcers. In 2014 I published a book of roller derby photos and interviews called Into Battle, which you can check out in the links below. In addition to photography, I make my living as a writer and creative director of advertising.


You can contact me through my main web site at NeilGunner.com.


In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the galleries, and I hope you’ll say yes when I ask to take your picture.
Neil Gunner


Here are some links to my other work:
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Into Battle: The Roller Derby Experience in Photos and Interviews
My other photo web site, NeilGunnerPhoto.com

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